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River Ganga is worshipped and venerated as Goddess in Hindu

The river Ganga is about 2496 kms. from source to the sea. stage.The main tributaries are- Bhagirathi..............

The river Ganga is about 2496 kms.                More Info

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Art & Culture of Varanasi

Experience India's wonderful cultures, musics,

Varnasi has a window into Indian culture.

Every piece of Indian art tells us something about our rich heritage.........

 Places to Visit in Varanasi

  Being the oldest city of the world and an important   Hindu pilgrimage center, Varanasi attracts a large   number of people from all over the world. For   centuries, Varanasi is famous for spiritualism, .
Varanasi Tour
The city of Varanasi, the city of Hinduism, is also the city of Ghats. Ghat is a term referring to the banks of a river. The Ghats of
Silk weaving is perhaps the most popular art of Varanasi and Banarasi silk sarees form an indispensable part of an Indian bride's